2019 State Event Disclosure

State is an event held at the end of season and promoted by the Illinois Recreational Cheer Association (hereafter referred to as IRCA). State historically takes place the first weekend in December. 

Teams have the opportunity to earn bids at bid qualifying competition events during the months of September thru November.  Bids are earned by either placing first in their assigned category or by achieving a minimum of a predetermined score if they are in the exhibition category (kindergarten through 3rd grade) or have no direct competition. The required score is set by the IRCA at the start of the competition season and may vary from year to year.

Our intentions as an organization are for all of our teams to have the opportunity to attend the State event if they earn that bid, but attendance at this event is solely up to the individual families.  LVT has put specific guidelines into place to try to manage the expectations of all families involved.  

Below are the organizations guidelines for taking teams to State:

  • 80% of the team must commit to attend State, during the first week of Summer practices (practices are tentatively scheduled to start the week of July 17th for all teams).  Parents will be asked to sign a commitment letter during this first week of practice so everyone’s intentions are known upfront. 

Prior to making this commitment we would like to disclose the following to all of our participants:

  • Cheerleading is a team sport. Regular season practices must have exemplary attendance records.  Attendance at regular season practices is crucial to the team’s ability to take their routine to the next level to compete successfully at State.  Successfully competing at State requires increasing the difficulty of the stunts, dance, jumps, etc. Successful competitions start with regular season attendance by all members of the team. If even one person is missing at every practice, it puts the entire team behind in the perfection of their routine. It does not matter if it is the same person or not.  The success of the team is based on the dedication of the team. This is truly a TEAM sport. Regular season absences will affect a team’s approval to attend State.
  • The additional cost associated with attending State is 100% parent funded.
  • State may extend the season for an additional month.
  • Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child to and from the event.  In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and 2017 the event was held in Hoffman Estates. At the time of this disclosure, the location of the 2018 State event is scheduled for Hoffman Estates. Parents are also responsible for any potential lodging that may be necessary (depending on the location and performance time of the event).
  • Parents understand this event is a THREE DAY Event.  Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday and will have their child present at all dates that are applicable. This is not a one day event.
  • The costs involved in attending State will be an additional expenditure for the parents, above and beyond the registration or fitting fee.  We estimate the cost to attend State at around $160-$200 per participant. The cost has significantly been raised by the IRCA to cover a new tax imposed for the City of Hoffman Estates.  These additional funds cover the cost of athlete registration for State, rehearsal and practice space in preparation for State, and spectator entrance fee.  This cost does NOT include any travel related expenses or food, event parking or the evening parties that the IRCA hosts. Those items and other miscellaneous expense may be available for an additional fee.  
  • Although general fundraising may be available through the organization, fundraising management is NOT the responsibility of the organization or your coaching staff. Fundraising must be preapproved by the Cheer Board prior to fundraising. Please note, if your company or employer would like to sponsor your team, a tax id number will not be provided to anyone for this venture. You will be provided with specific guidelines to apply for fundraising approval, once the season begins and commitments are received. 

If you have any questions regarding the topic of State, please contact Niki Groblewski, VP of Cheer atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time! 

    • The event is tentativley scheduled to be held at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates the weekend of December 6, 2018 - December 8, 2018, this date is subject to changeWe will notify you of final dates at the end of February.
    • The cost of state, is estimated to be $160 per athlete.  This is an estimate and could increase or decrease depending on fundraising and sponsorships raised in 2019. This fee includes the spectator entrance fees.
    • State fees are paid by parents and will be due in mid November. Please allow this disclosure to serve as notification that all State related fees will be due at that time so that you may make financial arrangements.
    • Sears Centre will be imposing a parking fee for all vehicles.