Youth Winter Lacrosse League Registration

Are you ready to get out of the cold and keep your lacrosse skills sharp during the winter? The Winter Lacrosse League is back for another season of indoor lacrosse at the Round Lake Sports Center.

Click here to register now and secure your spot before January 3, 2020. Registration is $150 for the Winter Lacrosse League season which will run for six weeks between January 12, 2020 and February 23, 2020.

Our goal is to create fun and fast-paced environment for new players to learn fundamental skills and for experienced players to sharpen their passing, offensive movement, and defensive positioning. This year we will be playing a Speed Lacrosse format - all you need to bring is your lacrosse stick – no other equipment is required. This format allows us to get the kids more time playing the game and having fun while sharpening their fundamentals. Speed Lacrosse helps players grow offensively by developing soft hands and quick stick techniques and defensively by focusing on man down situations where communication and playing with “fists and feet” are essential.

Here is what to expect…


  • Lacrosse stick
  • No D poles – focus will be on playing fundamental defense with “fists and feet”
  • Gloves are optional
  • Mouthguard and protective cup recommended
  • Water bottle
  • Athletic shoes (cleats are optional)

Team Play

  • Teams of 5 playing 3v3, with subs
  • Teams may shuffle week-to-week to ensure fun and competitive play

Game Play

  • Games are 3 periods of 6-minutes running time (no stops), winner must win 2 of the 3 periods
  • Teams will play 2 – 3 games each week
  • Contact will be at a minimum and monitored very closely – there are no pads so contact is similar to basketball


  • Games played on Sundays, starting January 12 (no game scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2)
  • Games will occur between 3pm and 6pm, starting with younger players and moving to older players


  • Players are expected to behave with integrity and sportsmanship – be honest, no complaining, and always shake hands after each game
  • Safety is paramount – play hard, control your stick, and stay off the boards or be prepared to sit

Lake Villa Timberwolves Lacrosse sponsors the Winter Lacrosse League to promote the growing sport of lacrosse in our local communities - giving our youth an opportunity to develop their lacrosse skills in the offseason and cultivating a love of the game. The Winter Lacrosse League is not exclusive to Timberwolves players - we welcome all to participate and encourage players to play with their home town teams in the spring.