Individual equipment required for play consists of a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a mouth guard. Cleats (no metal spikes) and a protective cup are not required but highly recommended!

Each athlete must have their own stick, which are available at various local shops as well as online retailers. Attack or midfield sticks are used for the majority of players at all levels, and are excellent for beginners. Defense (long) poles are specialty sticks, and not for everyone on the team. They are also only for Junior and Senior leagues only.

Goalies also have additional requirements.  Goalies will be rotated throughout the course of the season, it is not necessary for the athletes to have their own goalie equipment.  The program supplies a chest protector, throat guard, and a goalie stick.  A protective cup is required, but not supplied by the program.

Timberwolves Lacrosse issues player equipment in  for all participants to use during the Spring 2020 season at no additional charge over the registration fee.

Please direct any questions to the Director of Lacrosse.