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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        What age groups will the Timberwolves participate in?

A.         U11: all players must have been born between 9/1/2001 and 8/31/2003
U13: all players must have been born between 9/1/1999 and 8/31/2001

U15: all players must have been born between 9/1/1997 and 8/31/1999


Q.        How many games are played in each tournament?

A.         Typically each team will play 3 – 4 pool (guaranteed) games.  Then based on the pool games your seeded into a championship or constellation bracket, of which is typically single elimination


Q.        How much is it to play on the Summer Timberwolves team?

A.         The fee is $200.00, which covers the costs to participate in each of the 3 tournaments.


Q.        When is the $200.00 fee due?

A.         Fees will be due by May 24th 


Q.        Do we need any additional uniforms or equipment?

A.         We will use the current spring uniform, if by chance player did not participate in the spring there will be an additional cost to purchase one.  Equipment will be issued (or retained from spring season) for each player


Q.        Who will be coaching the teams?
A.         U15 - Dan Ryan

            U13 - Craig Lila

            U11 - Tim Ryan

            Assistant coaches will be added form their respective current coaching levels


Q.        When we will know the game schedules for each tournament?

A.         The dates are set well in advance, just not the daily schedule.  Tournament schedules typically are not release until the week of the tournament.  Schedules are then subject to change (and typically do).  At each tournament there is schedule board that coaches will be checking and updating players and parents to assure everyone is in the correct place at the correct time. 


Q.        Is there a “Team Hotel” where we stay?

A.         We have setup a block of rooms at both Milwaukee and Louisville for the teams to use, but you are not required to stay at these hotels.


Q.        Will the A teams have first right of making the team?

A.         Absolutely not, the tryouts are OPEN to ALL players. This is why we hold tryouts a bit later to allow for players for practice time and games to improve their skills.


Q.        How many days will we practices?

A.         While the spring season is in session teams may meet once a week outside of their normal practice days.  All spring team’s practices take precedent over travel teams.  Once the spring season ends teams will practice 2-3 days a week